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Why ecotourism is becoming more popular

Ecotourism first came onto the scene in the early 1990s and quickly became a very popular way of travelling. Since then, it has evolved and many different types of ecotourism have been developed. Tourism has many negative impacts such as damaging landscape, putting wildlife in danger, pollution and depletion of natural resources. However, there are ways to make tourism sustainable ...

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Batwa of Uganda mired in extreme poverty

By Gilbert Mwijuke Emmanuel Tezimana sits quietly on a tree root, looking sad and depressed. The father of two is not wearing a shirt, and his trousers are in tatters. Three young women and about a dozen children sit on a mat a few metres away, and the expression on their faces says it all: these are people living in extreme poverty. ...

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Virunga Massif social enterprises join forces to ramp up conservation efforts

By Gilbert Mwijuke Rwanda’s Red Rocks Initiatives for Sustainable Development, DR Congo’s SCPNCK coffee cooperative, and Uganda’s Mgahinga Cultural and Crafts Centre are social enterprises with a shared vision. They all aim to engage communities around the Virunga Massif in activities that help them earn a living from the region’s thriving mountain gorilla tourism and ultimately create a safe haven ...

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Kampala Serena Hotel: perfect choice for your business trip

By Ugandan Explorer Uganda is one of our closest neighbours. We not only share a border but also much of our history is interlinked with that of Uganda. Geopolitically, Uganda could just be our sister across the border. It is no wonder that many businessmen and women transact business in Uganda and vice versa. Personally, I have crossed the border ...

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