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Hey, we are so thrilled that you’re here! We really appreciate the time you’ve spared to pass by and peruse our travels and travails.

This awesome travel blog is primarily dedicated to providing you with the most impartial, precise and crisp travel intelligence you need when travelling for business or leisure around Uganda.

As a team of travel experts with deep knowledge of Uganda, we not only regularly share our travel experiences here, but also craft fabulously memorable tours for both domestic and inbound travellers.

We make the best companions for travellers to Uganda because we were born in Uganda, raised in Uganda, and have spent the bigger part of our lives exploring this little paradise that is also known as the Pearl of Africa.

From the semiarid plains of northeastern Uganda to the lush rainforests southwest of the country and to fun-filled cities of Kampala and Jinja, join us as we embark on improbable journeys, capturing the unpredictable and unexpected rhythms of life.

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Johannes Sæbøe

He’s Ugandan Explorer’s aviation geek and CEO of East African Records. Sæbøe currently resides on the outskirts of Oslo, Norway, but travels extensively around East Africa.

With more than 20 years’ experience as a performer, producer and industry professional in the Norwegian music business, as well as having worked closely with a number of African musicians at home and abroad, Mr. Sæbøe co-founded East African Records in 2016. He holds degrees in both musical performance and production.

As a travel writer, Mr. Sæbøe has written for various international travel websites, including Expedia.

Favourite destination: Anywhere new

Contact: johannes@eastafricanrecords.com

Joseph Ondiek

Joseph Ondiek cut his journalistic teeth as a freelance writer for The Standard, one of the leading newspapers in Kenya. But his nomadic nature couldn’t allow him to stay in his country: in 2013, he moved to Rwanda, where he is currently based.

Ondiek loves visual art, and travel for him is never complete without a visit to a local art gallery.

During his stay in Rwanda, he has profiled every visual artist in the country – at least every artist worth his salt. Aside from Ugandan Explorer, Ondiek’s articles have appeared in Uganda’s The Independent, Rwanda’s The New Times and other publications across the region.

Favourite destination: Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda

Contact: jondiek81@gmail.com

David Cecil

Cecil is an independent media producer based in Kampala, Uganda. In film, he has worked primarily as director, producer and scriptwriter on shorts, video art, fiction and documentary. He recently wrote and produced UK-Ugandan feature film Imperial Blue (release 2018). Cecil writes professionally as a journalist, essayist, proofreader and web content provider.

His 2012 Ugandan theatrical production – The River and the Mountain – gained widespread international coverage due to its sensitive treatment of sexuality in Uganda.

In addition to writing for Ugandan Explorer, Cecil is also an active music producer with a professional recording studio based in Kampala, Uganda.

Favourite destination: Anywhere new

Contact: iamdavidcecil@googlemail.com

Gilbert Mwijuke

Gilbert Mwijuke is the one who started this whole thing. After working as a writer/editor at top newspapers and magazines in different East African countries for over 10 years, Mwijuke eventually found himself bored with the routine of the newsroom.

His final years in the newsroom were marked by a strong desire to move on to something more adventurous… And move on he did in 2015 and began to travel full-time.

Mwijuke’s articles have appeared in various publications in Africa and the United States, including The New VisionThe Observer, The EastAfricanThe New TimesTravel Wire News and eTurboNews.

Mwijuke currently resides in Entebbe, a perennially chic colonial town set on a peninsula that stretches into Lake Victoria, Africa’s biggest — and the world’s second-biggest — freshwater lake.

Favourite destination: Anywhere new.

Contact: gilbert@ugandanexplorer.com

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